This blog is dedicated to our first MONKEE TRIP 2012.
If you'll like to read about our route and get info about where we make hold on our tour, please start at the first post, and then read next post.

mandag den 6. august 2012


In June 2012 our crew from Wrenchmonkees went across Europe to test our own Nordic Work Wear tailored by Kansas. Driving, wrenching and sleeping in our own garments for 10 days proved for us what works and what doesn´t. This is how it went…

MONKEETRIP 2012 EPISODE # 1 from simon weyhe on Vimeo.


mandag den 25. juni 2012


Time to get on the road again.. Burg & Schild and Eat Dust Jeans invite us all to the first "Berlin Wall Ride" on Saturday the 7th 2012. Ride Starts: 3pm Rosa-Luxemburg-Str.3, Berlin, Germany All bikes are welcome as long as they are awesome! After Bike Party at "Schnelle Quelle" 7pm, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 5 We will do our best to be there... Hope to see you on the road - or at the bar.. And hopefully we will see the B&S Panhead live !

Andrea Minoja.

Andrea Minoja met up at Camp Moto and afterwards he drew up this Rain Monkee, witch explains pretty mutch the fist three days of the MonkeeTrip. Thanks Andrea !

søndag den 17. juni 2012


Things didn´t turn out the way we expected, but the trip has been all fun and we are sorry for all of you who had tried to get in connection with us on the tour! This will not be the last time we will go on a trip like this, and we will try to make traveling plans way ahead next time.. Loads of pictures will come the following week, and we will make a trip description.. Thanks for all your support and hope to see you sooner or later::

onsdag den 13. juni 2012

More road pictures.

Simon and Mathias.

Simon and Mathias filming bike repair at Le Camp Moto..

Road pics!!


OK, we missed our train from Hamburg to Innsbruck, but decided to take the long trip on the German and French highway, holy moly it has been raining for three days, but we made our fist destination "Le Camp Moto".. Due to the long trip and our wet luggage we have decided to stay here and have a few sunny days, one machine has broken down and we will fix that before continuing. Friday we will continue and follow the sun and warm weather..

mandag den 11. juni 2012

News MonkeesTrip

The bad weather makes us change the route. Tomorrow night our plan will be in Camp Moto in Crest, France. Follow us online

fredag den 8. juni 2012

TwoNav GPS for Monkee Trip

Thanks to Compe GPS  for lending us 3 GPS TwoNav Delta. Now for sure we will find the right way for our trip. Installed & tried. Thank you very much. !

torsdag den 7. juni 2012


Packed and ready for Saturday!!


Anders at Playground has hooked us up with some very small and very nice GoPro HERO 2 camara to document our first vacation in four years! Scroll down and see the crazy quality this little action
pack is performing ! 


Henrik is packing his stuff, ready for takeoff Sunday ?

mandag den 4. juni 2012


Cedric and the Bologna clan will join us on the first part of our ride, and we hope it will be joyful and sunshine. Will we see you ?
Martin is packing up and getting ready to ride off!

lørdag den 2. juni 2012

lørdag den 5. maj 2012


Hi, For day 7 of your trip, I would recommend to stay overnight at www.las-clauzes.de. That's a really lovely hotel for bikers (mostly BMW GS) with a tent place. It is situated between Narbonne and Carcassone. I stay there every year several times. And I am tourguide there in the summer. Just ask Holger, because they have full house quite often during the season. Enjoy your trip! Regards, Alex

Marc Schneider

Hi guys nice to hear you're planing on traveling! I live in Switzerland and want to ask why you're missing out on the stelvio pass? you're passing Davos, and by going south to Italy you can ride the Ofen-Pass and then head down into Italy to drive the Stelvio Pass; both are spectacular. You then could turn back or head over the Reschenpass (Racines) directly to Innsbruck. Okay, for you the other way round: Innsbruck, Brenner, Reschenpass, Stelvio pass, Ofenpass, Davos. Definitely worth it, the nicest big passes in the Swiss/Austrian alps. The route you're taking might be more direct and faster, but definitely boring as hell as those straight main roads were not built for having fun. Same applies for the rest of the route through the south-western part of Switzerland you take: not that spectacular, but guess you want to cover as much ground as possible in a day! sadly I live in Zurich and don't know if my old Moto Guzzi V from 1934 will make it up and down those passes, so I guess I won't be able to join you for your ride through Switzerland. But depending on where you pass Switzerland I might decide otherwise. Anyway: if you need further help and tips for Switzerland: I'd be glad to help! all the best to you guys! Marc. -- Marc Schneider

Join us!

We are going to ride what ever will take us there, and you are all welcome to follow..

fredag den 4. maj 2012

DAY #8

Day Eight. Monday 18 th of June. We leave Narbonne. Bye Destination WM HQ, Copenhagen, Denmark...

DAY #7

Day Seven. Sunday 17th of June. We leave Biarritz around 12 a.m Destination somewhere south of Narbonne. Probably a campsite or If you know of an alternative place where we can spend the night, let us know..

DAY #6

Day Six. Saturday 16th of June. We will stay at the W&W event.

DAY #5

Day Five. Friday 15th of June. We leave Camping Rendevous or "alternative" around 10 a.m Destination is Biarritz, France.

DAY #4

Day Four. Thursday 14th of June. We leave Camp Moto around 10 a.m Our idea for destination is Camping Rendevous, Lunas, France. - If you know of an alternative place where we can spend the night, let us know..

DAY #3

Day Three. Wednesday 13th of June. We will stay at Camp Moto, take a ride in the mountains, or relax at the bar.

DAY #2

Day Two. Tuesday 12th of June. We leave from Martigny, France around 10 a.m Destination is Camping Moto, Montclar, France

DAY #1

Day One. Monday 11th of June. We leave from Innsbruck, Austria around 8 a.m. Destination is around Martigny, France. - do you know a good place where we can spend the night ?

Monkeetrip 2012.

This summer we will go on our first Monkeetrip. We will be on the road from the 11th of June to the 18th of June. You are welcome to join us, maybe just for an hour, a day, or all the way... We have a few stops planned already, but if you know of a good spot, maybe a farm, a big backyard, or a campsite where we can spend the night, you are welcome to let us know. Write a comment, or send us a mail if you want to join us or invite us ! -Just be aware that we are at least 15 bikes and riders, before you invite us to a barbeque at your grandma´s place. We will try to stick with the route as planned, see maps above, but we might change it from day to day, depending on the bikes, riders, weather, roadconditions etc.. Please stay tuned for updates. See you there...