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lørdag den 5. maj 2012

Marc Schneider

Hi guys nice to hear you're planing on traveling! I live in Switzerland and want to ask why you're missing out on the stelvio pass? you're passing Davos, and by going south to Italy you can ride the Ofen-Pass and then head down into Italy to drive the Stelvio Pass; both are spectacular. You then could turn back or head over the Reschenpass (Racines) directly to Innsbruck. Okay, for you the other way round: Innsbruck, Brenner, Reschenpass, Stelvio pass, Ofenpass, Davos. Definitely worth it, the nicest big passes in the Swiss/Austrian alps. The route you're taking might be more direct and faster, but definitely boring as hell as those straight main roads were not built for having fun. Same applies for the rest of the route through the south-western part of Switzerland you take: not that spectacular, but guess you want to cover as much ground as possible in a day! sadly I live in Zurich and don't know if my old Moto Guzzi V from 1934 will make it up and down those passes, so I guess I won't be able to join you for your ride through Switzerland. But depending on where you pass Switzerland I might decide otherwise. Anyway: if you need further help and tips for Switzerland: I'd be glad to help! all the best to you guys! Marc. -- Marc Schneider

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