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onsdag den 13. juni 2012


OK, we missed our train from Hamburg to Innsbruck, but decided to take the long trip on the German and French highway, holy moly it has been raining for three days, but we made our fist destination "Le Camp Moto".. Due to the long trip and our wet luggage we have decided to stay here and have a few sunny days, one machine has broken down and we will fix that before continuing. Friday we will continue and follow the sun and warm weather..

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Hi ! do you know at what time you will start from "Le Camp Moto" to Lodeve on friday ?

Anonym sagde ...

See you tomorrow at the camping.
I think to do a few kilometers with you.
The start is 10a.m?
Didier. 1100 zrx